رخصة القيادة التركية بالعربية_Turkish Driving License in Arabic

What does “Soaka” mean in Arabic? 

“Soaka” as a word means in Arabic driving and since the Turkish government opened the opportunity to Arabic speakers for getting vehicles driving licence in their own language . Many people who live in Turkey for permit or temporary period have decided to get the Turkish driving license as they need it for every day and as a result they applied to Turkish driving license exam in Arabic.

The story of establishing this site !

The decision of this site has made by me “Amer” as I am native speaker of Arabic, I had faced many difficulties to get my Turkish driving license in Turkish at the end of 2017 where in that time it wasn’t available to enter the test in Arabic, and after a few months later the Turkish government allowed to enter the exam in Arabic. So, since that time I had started to prepare this site step by step and as a results it contains now of four main sections which are very helpful for preparing for Turkish driving license exam in Arabic.

1. The book summary :

Where I tried to minimize the continent of the book by referring to the important parts of the book to reduce the studying time.

2. Question Bank : 

Where I tried to collect the most important questions of Turkish driving license translated into Arabic and divide it into four sections similar to the book’s sections .

3. Previous exams translated only to Arabic:

In this section I did translate the previous Turkish driving license exams into Arabic language only(i.e.it is not prepared similar to real exam ) where each exam consist of 50 questions.

4. Previous exams translated into Arabic & Turkish question lifted(similar to real exam):

In real exam the original Turkish question will be lifted and to reach the translation for each question the student is asked to press a button to be able to reach the translation of the question. After deciding the correct answer he will return to the Turkish question to choose the answer.

You can reach the used Turkish site whice I have used to reach Turkish driving license previous questions.

Contacting us :

You can contact me by phone or whatsapp directly to my number +905531165982 or by clicking the links below .